Paradise Vacation

You’ve waited all year to get away from it all and relieve some stress. Can you think of a better way to do that than a week-long, luxury escape devoted to spirituality, pleasure and personal transformation? Participants will travel to Maui, Hawaii or Tulum, Mexico, where they will spend a week in a tropical paradise practicing yoga, breathwork, and meditation led by Erwan and Alicia. Along with all the relaxation of a traditional vacation in the tropics, these spiritual activities and a variety of body-based processes and exercises will open the mind, liberate the heart, and sensitize the body. Participants may also engage in developing an Extended Orgasm practice, through witnessing demonstrations and practicing in the privacy of their own room. This portion of the course is optional. There are no prerequisites  to register for the Paradise Vacation Course. Included in the price of the Paradise Vacation Course is free entry into The Pleasure Course if you have not taken it yet.  Why spend your vacation working on nothing but your tan? Instead, enjoy a relaxing, spiritual week in paradise alongside fellow learners and devoted teachers, gaining skills and experience that will help you be successful in life and love when you return home. Learn about yourself and learn valuable tools for a better, more fulfilling love life in one of the most beautiful places in the world.