Sensuality Expansion Write Ups

Chloe and masen's Sensuality Expansion Program

Our Sensuality Expansion Program was all about Chloe and I growing into our bodies – Chloe, into her orgasm, her ability and willingness to feel and come under any circumstances; for me, my willingness to lead and be as large of a man as I am; and together, our relationship body, our willingness to connect as one and have an amazing relationship.

When we arrived at the serene retreat center, I could feel us sink into the atmosphere, slowing down and generating more space for our experience. This was perfect because we began our sessions with a process called a Resolution, in which Erwan and Alicia would advocate for our perfection, despite any perceived faults we believed to be true about ourselves. We would be resolved when we could declare ourselves as perfect beings.

I moved through my constant fear of criticism and that I was somehow living life wrong. I was afraid to express my desires, worried that people wouldn’t care or misunderstand me and think I was wrong. As I would get closer to people, I would exclude them further from my life, feeling that if I were to live a fulfilled life, I would need to create a private world where they could not judge my actions. After our first session, I opened up to Chloe newly, revealing my skeletons, letting her see me as I am. It was one of the most intense conversations of my life. I could feel Chloe move through all of these emotions and come out of it with so much compassion and love for me. I felt so thankful for her in my life.

I learned how Chloe struggles with her tendency towards anger as well as her shame in the way she expresses herself. She would feel like her only two options were to be a bitch or to numb out. When I heard her talking in the session, I loved her more and more, revisiting our past conversations and seeing them with new eyes. In learning these things about one another, we gained the ability to stay ahead of the curve of our breakdowns. We understood that we could correct these things before they became overwhelming issues in our relationship.

Through working with Erwan in our following sessions, we began to see the truth of our experience. That Chloe could lean into any experience of not knowing what to do, fully feeling the uncertainty and intensity of the moment. From there, new options would appear that would be neither numb nor overtly controlled aggression. After an intense conversation, I saw that I had been viewing reality as not caring, indifferent to my emotions. Erwan opened my eyes to reality being loving, compassionate and having space for me being exactly as I am. Once I came to really feel into this, I felt a wash of peace rush over me. This understanding was a huge turning point in my Sensuality Expansion Program. It gave me the strength and the courage to be with everything that came up during this weekend.

At the end of the second day, Chloe and I declared our perfection and were resolved! To get me off on the right foot, Erwan gave me the insight that being a great lover requires being willing to be assertive, strong and powerful. He asked me to think back on my acting past and create a persona from characters I’d played that exemplified those traits. My new persona was Commendatore Gloriosus. I never back down, demand only the best, and lead Chloe and I to victory.

Our DOing/Extended Orgasm training took off from there with our first DO date. I saw how far I had grown just from our communication exercises Erwan had us practice the week prior. I was so much clearer and commanding with my stroking and noticing Chloe’s attention. There was a moment when I was stroking on her clit on the left side and noticed her going away and told her to really feel my finger as I moved it over to the right side. Erwan and Alicia said that I would have to bring that even more, especially as the date got higher and the sensation became more intense, because I had a tendency to get quieter as that happened. Erwan coached me on bringing Chloe so I slowly worked my thumb more into her introitus (the opening of her pussy) and increased the pressure on her clit. Despite the challenges we had in our date, Chloe and I felt more connected during this date than we ever had before. Little did I know how much more we could feel.

I clearly recall Erwan and Alicia DO dates. I’d seen them give demonstrations of extended orgasm before, but I’d never been quite so intimidated. I felt so humbled. I could see how far I had to go, but also felt so excited to be studying with someone so skilled. In their dates, they highlighted all of the points they wanted to get across. I saw how Erwan kept the communication going throughout, always leading the directions and peaks. There was one moment when he was lightly stroking Alicia’s clit and increasing her sensation and then as the music changed he increased the pressure. Alicia’s orgasm exploded through the room as she felt the transition. He told me to feel the flow of transitions and be intentional about it. Any time I have even the slightest inkling of Chloe’s attention starting to waver, that I need to do something different, but not necessarily drastic. One huge thing Erwan coached me that I needed was to keep a consistent rhythm throughout the date. One one date, he was softly tapping Chloecia’s clit to the beat and I could feel her really digest each tap with pleasure. He said that the constant was something that Chloe could latch onto and I instantly felt that right in my body. As an experienced dancer, I knew how important that beat was to being a good lead. On their final date, Erwan was ending it, and stroked lightly on Chloecia’s clit to go on one more peak of orgasm and I saw Chloecia’s entire pelvis raise up to reach for the sensation of his finger. It was really impressive and inspiring. Armed with all of these new tools I felt ready to take Chloe on a ride to her greatest orgasm. However, there was one more hurdle for each of us to overcome.

In the middle of our 11th session, Chloe and I had a challenge in our DO date. Chloe wasn’t getting off and was unable to follow Erwan and Alicia’s coaching. They were instructing her to keep pushing out, vocalizing, and spreading her fingers and toes. She was resisting this based on a past-based fear and Erwan told me to end the date. We began an entirely new session right after to address the issue. Chloe got that she has to generate, to be willing to come in a date even if I’m rubbing on her bellybutton. That the more she feels and is willing to feel, the better, smarter, more nuanced of a lover I become. The DO date we had following was only 5 minutes but it blew my mind. Chloe fully leaned into my touch and my finger on her clit, her orgasm shooting out into the room and taking over my mind. I learned that I have to be larger than her orgasm, willing to hold that greatness as the standard for all of our dates. I have to truly be Commandatore Gloriosus for Chloe’s orgasm. Our course took off from there, building in intensity, sensitivity, nuance and orgasm until our final date. We got that to have an exceptional DO date, we both had to have the intention of having one, meaning we did whatever it took to make that happen. We were on our way to certification, which means we would demonstrate that Chloe could have/I could produce 15 minutes of expert-level, extended orgasm in her body.

Our final date was extraordinary. I slowly massaged Chloe’s leg down to her foot as she shot her feeling out through her toes. I brushed my fingers over her pubes and felt our sensation spike. I opened her pussy and applied the cool lube, noticing how vibrant the pinks, reds and oranges of her pussy were. I placed my hand under her ass and felt the smoothness and heat of it. When I began my first stroke, I felt her anticipation, the warmth of her lips enveloping my fingers as I made my way to her vestibule. When I got on her clit, it jumped forward, aching for my touch. I gave her slow steady strokes, moving steadily to her upper left quadrant, feeling us going higher and higher. She asked me to move along her corona and I delicately made my way around, alternating the rhythm, speed and pressure as I felt her attention and desire ask for it. I was a conductor, leading her to a wonderful symphony of an orgasm. I brought her down with deep pressure from my thumb and knuckle on her introitus and perineum. I lightly stroked her clit as I brought her down, taking us on one final ultra high peak, before I pushed the hood of her clit over and brought her lips down together, grounding her. We had a long, luxurious towel stroke and I applied more pressure on her pubic mound, feeling the remaining waves of her orgasm flow through my hand and into my body as Erwan and Alicia congratulated us on being certified!

The journey we took was so far above and beyond anything I could have imagined. That Chloe and I would have so much orgasm available at any time at our fingertips, that we would feel so much closer and in love with one another, that my skills as a lover could increase to such a pleasurable degree. I’m so proud that we were willing to push through our personal edges to have a great love life. I feel so confident that we now have the tools and structure to take our love life to the highest peaks for the rest of our lives.