Advanced Masculine/Feminine Dynamics 3

We’ve established that noticing the difference between the masculine and feminine acknowledges the polarity that’s already there and increases chemistry or being turned on. We’ve also established that this is a big deal. There are many issues that come up for each gender orientation in confronting sexuality and specifically sexuality from a masculine or feminine perspective. These issues run very deep and are usually not considered in most attempts to improve one’s romantic life. Lastly, we’ve determined that a woman’s relationship to her appetite or desire or being turned on, whatever we would like to call it, and a man’s ability to turn her on are of paramount importance in having enjoyable contact with the opposite gender.

An optimal masculine feminine cycle looks like her appetite stimulating his attention and production and then her consuming and being gratified by that attention. This is a winner for both sexes. Each sex gets what they want most. She is found to be utterly attractive, irresistible in fact, and he succeeds as a hero in the interaction. The interaction is full of attention, polarity, chemistry and approval.

There is also something very important in this interaction we have not mentioned. That is that she consumes and is gratified. This completes the interaction and allows for more fun! It’s the key to having more, the key to being able to begin a new pleasurable cycle. Without consuming and being gratified by with the producer has produced the woman will have no more appetite. In fact, lack of acknowledgment or approval for what’s been produced is one of the biggest ways that the feminine deliberately or unconsciously reduces her appetite. Again, there are psychological and social reasons that a woman might reduce or hide her appetite. Issues such a concern for safety, physical or social, anger and so on.

Remember her appetite, her desire, is her attractiveness. So reducing her appetite reduces her attractiveness. While our conditioning may not hold this to be true, believing that her attractiveness is due primarily to a particular body type or social conditioning and so on, attractiveness is actually a function of feminine desire. This is true in all mammal species and arguably all living species that polarize into a male female genders. Enthusiastic consumption and gratification of what she has manifested or attracted creates more appetite in her. Of course, this doesn’t mean she needs to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. Consumption and gratification can look like a smile, an approving statement or even a firm statement.

We have to metabolize what we have, enjoy what we have, in order to have more. In fact, it’s more important to enjoy what we have than to get what we want, although it’s often not looked at this way. If we don’t swallow the food in our mouth how can we take another bite! The masculine would also not be inspired to produce more if the last cycle is not completed with consumption and gratification by the feminine counterpart.

In sex, for example, this would look like moans of pleasure and explicit expressions of her enjoyment. Of course, if the man is paying attention to her pleasure and has some training in pleasuring her it is enormously easier for her to express her pleasure.

No matter what sex act Alicia and I are engaged in, her pleasure is my pleasure. As most of you have witnessed during demonstrations of extended orgasm she is virtually uninhibited in expressing her pleasure. This has a captivating and even intelligence enhancing impact on the masculine, not only on myself as the doer, but also on the audience. Yes, it is true that some people pay better attention than others. That’s the key issue for the masculine. A man learning to put attention on a woman is his part of the bargain. It’s not even really a bargain because it’s the only intelligent move. That’s where his attention is anyway. He can be in agreement with that and get good at that or he can be off in his own world thinking that he gets to determine what’s pleasurable, but as far as romance is concerned, it’s the feminine that has that magic.

Alicia Davon