Who to surround yourself with


If you want to succeed at attraction and seduction then surround yourself with turned on positive people who are in the know about picking someone up and how to have a turned on relationship. The graduates of the Pleasure Course are those kind of people!

This way when you have challenges or failures or simply “blow out” (lose consciousness) because of the intensity of the process you have people to restore you to sanity instead of ending up floating around in the outer space of your mind alone!

People in the know about picking someone up also inspire you to new heights. You gain momentum and success instead of quitting at the initial failures and ending up in the “Klutz” stage of learning forever. The “Klutz” stage is the failures and corrections you inevitably have to go through to learn something.

The Pleasure Course is designed to move you through that difficult stage of learning in your love life so you can enjoy a fantastic love life!

Alicia Davon