The new & exciting stage of relationship


There are few things people enjoy as much as the new and exciting phase of relationship. It is a time of dazzling fun and falling in love. The mood is uplifted inspired, alive, and turned on. It is the best fruit of picking someone up.

The process of picking someone up best culminates in a sizzling connection. You have gone through the pick up dance of socializing, connecting and sensualizing your relationship. You connect with someone mentally, emotionally and especially physically and you are in love.

The skill of Picking someone up is the skill which transitions a relationship from stranger or “just friends” to the ‘new and exciting’ stage of relationship. If you are strangers and only have one shot at picking that person up, be bold now! If you are friends and want to escalate the relationship, Flirt and Pick them up is a more tactical and strategical way over time since you have time and need to take the current relationship into account.

The first skill required in this bright stage of relationship is ‘fun’. The ability to have fun and be fun. To start a relationship people are drawn to a light fun way of being. Just like picking someone up starts with socializing and a light approach, so does a relationship. This dating period is often called the honeymoon phase of relationship.

‘Focus on the woman’s desire’ is the next skill required for the romance to be off to a good start. For the ‘new and exciting phase’ to go well, polarization is necessary. Her appetite and his attention to that appetite create a social sensual spark that ignites the relationship.

‘Turn them on’ is the third key skill in the new and exciting phase of relationship. This is the skill of sexual escalation from either sex. Without the ability to ‘turn them on’ you’re not really dating and the romantic aspect of the relationship is already in trouble. Good pick up skills are key here.

Alicia Davon