The nature of stuff

What’s real, what’s not and how to be happy.

The nature of stuff is stuff. What it means to be stuff is to be an object, to not be alive, to be lifeless. This means all stuff: a cup, a thought, anything. It is all just stuff, just objects, material objects or mental objects.

Your feelings are stuff too! This is a tough one for people to understand. A feeling is a thing, although not a concrete one.

If your life is all about stuff, you have a problem. Would you bow down to a lifeless, dead God? Is material that is by definition: dead, lifeless, impermanent, and mostly just imagined in your mind worth devoting your life to? Worth being infatuated with?

I am not recommending being negative about stuff, critical about stuff or down on stuff. I am just recommending seeing the nature of stuff. What it is and what it isn’t. I am recommending see how easy it is to get trapped in… and think that there is more happiness or freedom or bliss or peace in stuff than there actually is.

What is left beyond stuff? What is non-stuff? It is not something you can see, feel, taste, touch, hear or think.

What is non-stuff? It is your life, your consciousness, your subjectivity, you… not as a body or identity but as consciousness, as being, as the absolute. It is absolutely beyond description, all we can see is the manifest side.

Realization of non-stuff and having that at the center of your life is happiness. And it makes all the stuff downstream (relationships, marriage, sex, coffee, your new car, anything) a lot more enjoyable and a lot less entrapping!

Alicia Davon