The Key to Social Contact


How important is social contact to getting into a relationship?

How about once you are in a relationship?

The super ego (constant critic, inner critic, judge, etc.) does not like contact, intimacy. It enforces a set of rules and roles… called our relationship blueprint. The super ego is trying to do relationship by the book… and it is usually a pretty harsh book for most people.

Your presence is required for actual social contact. Only if we can locate ourselves, contact ourselves, can we truly contact another.

To contact ourselves, first we contact our experience. And if we can manage not to change our experience for a little while we will find ourselves in the middle of our experience… this is corework or real meditation.

Through concentration we transcend the usual distractions to our deeper experience. Through Awareness we transcend the super ego or relationship blueprint.

From there contacting another is natural and spontaneous.

Alicia Davon