Socialize then connect then sensualize

Recently we have covered how to pick someone up, whether it is your relationship partner, a friend or someone your meeting for the first time. We’ve used an 8-step process that outlines the stages a person goes through in picking someone up:

  1. Center – intention
  2. Approach – get near them
  3. Open – something to say
  4. Engage – conversation
  5. Bond – comfort and safety
  6. Sensualize – sexually escalate
  7. Transition – new more intimate location
  8. Close – complete the interaction

What you can see about these stages is that they follow a pattern of:

  1. Socialize
  2. Connect
  3. Sensualize

The biggest secret to picking someone up is to start the interaction socially. You want to be super social. Extroverts meet way more people. They connect. So if you are an introvert you want to learn to socialize!

The middle steps in the 8-steps of picking someone up are about connecting or bonding. Introverts are often better at bonding and going deep. This second series of steps allows the other person to feel safe with you, and sets the stage for sensualizing the interaction.

Sensualizing the interaction turns up the heat through body gestures, touching, suggestive topics, and so on. The person you are seducing is well warmed up at this point since you’ve socialized and connected. Interestingly, this also applies within a relationship since couples are often shy about approaching each other sensually.

My point is socialize then connect deeply then sensualize.

Alicia Davon