Shades of Reality


Reality has fundamental qualities. When we are experiencing reality it feels any number of ways. For example we may feel clarity, or peace, or strength, or joy, but it is clear that we are experiencing reality. There is a fullness, unity, a fulfillment, ultimately a realness to the experience.

Reality does not come in a negative form. All of the qualities, which we listed, are somehow positive or what we might consider good. They are actually beyond good, they are real. Actually real, not something theoretical.

Negative qualities, on the other hand, are contracted forms of reality. They all are the qualities of reality filtered through the ego or one’s blueprint. So all kinds of prejudices and preferences impact the experience of that quality, but the largest impact is that the quality is experienced along with a limited self sense. Or ego identity. Or sense of “me”.

Let’s look at several qualities as they are in their pure form and how we normally experience them so that we can observe the contrast between the pure or direct experience of reality and a contracted form of reality. As well as, notice what stands in between.

Strength for example is a quality of reality. We experience reality through a quality of strength when that quality is needed or most appropriate to the situation. Strength is a feeling of physical and emotional ability. It is a feeling of being capable, a pulsing sense of energy throughout the body, yet calm. It has a bright and awake quality but it is not sharp. It is not still or moving but rather pulsing. Strength has an expansive feeling in the body, especially in the chest.

Strength as we usually experience it is more like tightness or tension. More like a type of hardness, or going against something. It has the quality of conflict. This is because it is experienced along with a “self”. For example, “I feel strong” “he’s so strong “. These examples and how we usually experience strength usually involve an “I” sense which gives a contracted, separate, and negative undertone to the experience.

Clarity is a quality of reality that feels expansive but is located more in the skull, like a very subtle pleasant buzzing in the brain. It feels like being able to see forever and everything. It is a sense of omniscience, which is very relaxed. It is the ability to see and understand and know. Clarity has a very bright awake experience in the body but is deeply calm. Still. Silent.

How do we normally experience clarity? Yes it has some of the above traits but is more like feeling clear about something or me being clear. Or me being unclear. There is some kind of tension between clear and unclear, some kind of opposition, duality because it is experienced along with a sense of limitation. Similar to how the normal experience of strength always involves some type of weakness, or resistance to weakness, etc. This is the ego or the blueprint.

Real clarity as a quality of being has no opposite and no sense of opposite. There is simply clarity. Clarity as it is normally experienced always involves a positive pole and a negative pole. Even the positive pole of a contracted quality is still contracted. Real qualities of reality simply are, they have no opposite.

The quality of being merged or blended with everything is a fundamental quality of reality. This quality is so all consuming that there is no self-defense in it. It is almost more like a dimension than a quality because it is so all pervasive. People yearn for but also fear this experience. Infant experience a great deal of being merged with everything.

Merged in an ordinary sense, how we normally experience it, is more like losing one’s individuality. Being engulfed by something or losing oneself in somebody or something else. It is normally experienced as more of a type of enmeshment. People fear the enmeshment because there’s a lack of direct knowing and understanding of the merged experience. “We merged” etc. There is something tight in even that statement when it is the normal everyday contracted form of merging. There is something about this seemingly positive statement that is subtly distasteful.

You get the idea. Any quality, for example the sensual or sensuous qualities of reality, can be experienced through an “I” filter or experienced directly as what they are. Real sensuality is a physically alive and vibrant experience, but sensuality paired with the ego brings an immediate sense of tightness to the body. You can look at “will”, you can look at “love”, you can look at any fundamental experience that a human being has and determine how clearly reality is shining through by examining the level of contraction of the quality.

Alicia Davon