Real Life #4 – Real sex


The personality is in opposition to true nature without understanding it. 

Our true nature occurs as a death that is also somehow enticing. This confuses and disturbs the ego. Our True Nature, to the personality, is felt as “not me.” The personality does not like our deepest nature. But the personality is turned away from our Self. What our personality sees is actually itself.

The facts of life: people are whacky, pleasure and pain, triggers, etc. Pinning hopes for happiness on conditions is a mistake. Just enjoy them and suffer them… and take the meaning out!

Interest in truth is the obvious secret.

So what is the practice? How do we deal with the personality?

Hold on to what’s real instead of holding on to the punishing mind, the super ego. The punishing mind is held onto as a mooring, for a sense of self, for a way of looking at things, a perspective or orientation. Instead look to reality.

The mind is held onto because letting go and relaxing feels like one will stop existing. The mind is also held onto because one feels otherwise one will never get done what “needs” to be done, especially to deal with the terrible sense of being alone, unable, etc. One must work, one must think, one must do, one cannot relax, the aloneness, separation, fear, and so on is terrible.

Basically one grabs the sharp scared punishing mind.

Feel Reality moment to moment and be free.

If one let’s go of the managing mind, what is underneath in the shadows can be felt through (the sexual example below give a sample of things felt through).

If you hold on to what’s real, eventually you won’t have to hold on anymore because it’s what’s real and we’re drawn to it for that reason.

And celebrate reality. It’s that good.

Let’s make it concrete

How do you do that during sex?

First you feel what is there… that’s Corework… usually it’s a lot of thoughts and probably some pain or anxiety or anger… basically the personality.

You sense the experience with your body, you feel the experience with your heart, and you let your mind empty out. Things clear up here. We can feel our experience and we can feel Reality in all it’s glorious qualities. People usually do the opposite (they stop feeling the body, start thinking a lot and drive their emotional center crazy!)

From here you engage with the person sexually in this open state of body and mind. You touch them, you talk to them, you apply all of the communication and techniques from the Sex Series.

You will feel what is Real and you’ll feel the rest of your experience. Let’s both be… Reality will win!

Alicia Davon