Real Life #3 – Development & the complete human being


We will overview the complete teaching from the perspective of the development of a human being.

As evolution progresses from plants to amoeba to crocodile to dog to human each has a different lens through which to view its life. The human being can self reflect, and distinguish the lens for the perceptive mechanism.

Therefore human beings can appreciate being. They can appreciate their true nature and the true nature or essence of everything.

Yet a variety of philosophers, thinkers, and mystics as well as spiritual practitioners, have said that being human is merely a bridge or a possibility, basically that being human is on only half-baked. That although a human being can self reflect and perceive and experience it’s true nature that this is rarely done. That a human being rarely completes itself.

Development of a human being is often not achieved but it can be.

Let’s look at the development of a human being from infancy to full maturity. In the first few months of life the child is a primal instinctual self totally connected to being, experiencing itself as being and yet driven by its instincts to survive. If the child’s needs are not met the ego shell will begin to form in a fearful hungry and animalistic way.

Then as the child enters the differentiating sub phase of development, where it differentiates from its mother, it will begin to have a sense of self-reflection, and a sense of itself. If the child is not well tended to at this point the ego show tends to develop in a very self-centered way. Narcissism classically starts at this stage.

As the child continues its development it begins practicing it’s new physical and mental abilities. Becoming more and more of a rounded individual. It goes through periods of attempting to reemerge with the mother. If all of this goes well then the child’s individuality and personality develops well. If this does not go well the ego shell tends to form a distorted personality. Of course problems in prior stages are reflected in later stages.

By the age of four or five the child has gender recognition and enters what is known as the Oedipal phase. If this goes well the child’s gender sense begins to develop well. If this does not go well then the child will develop difficulties with its gender sense and this will have lasting repercussions in self-image and romantic relationship later.

There are several other phases of cognitive development but we will zoom ahead to puberty because this is a crucial stage where the child’s gender sense completes itself. A type of ego structure can form here that either reflects a healthy gender sense and sexual life or an unhealthy gender sense and sexual life.

By the age of about 16 a human being has fulfilled the fundamental phases of biological development.

What we can see here is that as a human being develops there is the opportunity for a fully rounded human being to come into being. This is natural development. Of course there are many distortions that happen for each of us. But by understanding our development we regain access to our true selves, which includes a sexual self.

It is a lusty life. I like to call it the wisdom of teenagers where passionate and sexual life is embraced instead of suppressed and discarded.

Being loves sex.

A complete human being is a spiritual personal sexual being.

That’s real life.

Alicia Davon