How to pick someone up – Part 4 – Attraction switches

People can experience a lot of scarcity in their sex lives, but in truth, there is none. If you are single there are 3.5 billion potential partners out there and if you are in a relationship you’ve already got one.

The lack of training and insecurity that people have in relating romantically causes them to retreat from their romantic lives and a sense of scarcity ensues. With training, we have never met a couple that couldn’t bring the peaks and frequency of their passion to new heights. Nor have we met a single that couldn’t learn to steer their encounters toward a more and more fulfilling experience.

Consistent intelligent practice is the key. Failures are simply part of the process. Once you get through the second phase of the learning process, the Klutz stage, those failures decrease rapidly.

There are attraction switches that a woman or man can turn on within themselves which work wonders in attracting the opposite sex. Examine which are strong for you and which are weak. Then address the weak ones and you’ll find you move from scarcity to abundance.

The primary Female attraction switches are:

  1. Turn on – This is women’s trump card! Use it; it is the ultimate attractive force.
  2. Openness and approval – Simply being friendly and approving vs. defensive or fearful. This is not only useful in attraction but also in steering a man if instructions are added.
  3. Vitality and well-being – Males are biologically wired up to seek a healthy vital female capable of child bearing. This is fundamentally what they are attracted to. Women often opt to try and fit a societal stereo type of looks instead of focusing on vitality, well-being and celebrating their bodies as they are. Men like women who like their bodies and take good care of them. This trumps even societal pre-programmed prejudice about body type.
  4. Dress/presentation – When a woman presents herself well and takes the care to look good and dress well she amplifies her inherent beauty. It’s the classic “make-over” but doesn’t need to be done to fix anything but rather in the spirit of fun, enhancement, celebration and acknowledgement of her inherent feminine beauty.
  5. Femininity – By femininity we mean how she holds herself and how she relates. This includes everything from the body gestures we focused on two weeks ago to the more emotionally stimulating way that women relate (vs. more abstract for men). It is a type of inherent flirty-ness. If a woman relates physically and emotionally from a feminine place then the masculine is naturally drawn to that.

The primary Male attraction switches are:

  1. Confidence – or at least the appearance of confidence. Biologically, emotionally and mentally women like strong men. If that confidence includes spiritual confidence, a strong sense of presence, that is the ultimate attracter.
  2. Leadership – Women like men who can lead. Demonstrating that in an interaction with her works wonders. The key is keeping his attention on her and leading her to her desired goals. Leadership and strength are the defining characteristics of masculinity.
  3. Sense of humor – Make her laugh! A positive attitude, not taking things too seriously, being light and fun, are critical to romantic play throughout the relationship process from picking someone up through the New & Exciting phase of relationship and all the way to an Eternal Date. Smile.
  4. Good grooming – This is sometimes rated as women’s number one criteria and men often overlook it. How you present yourself is key. Dress sharp.
  5. Sociability – An ability to connect emotionally and keep a conversation going… and knowing when to end it, allow for quality socializing. Women love to relate. For example, if it is clear that other women like this guy then he demonstrates a type of “pre-selection” that score him points.
  6. Ability to flirt – If a man can circulate a woman’s energy back to her she will get more and more turned on and like him more. With skill a man can initiate as well and this draws her toward him.
Alicia Davon