Feeling more in bed


People think that the Absolute as a state or realization or living somehow involves no sensation, no feeling, in other words no experience. This is the usual view of realization or enlightenment. But the Absolute realized, as a living state is the total opposite.

It is total sensation, uninhibited sensation. There is no filter to sensation. Experience is not filtered through the blueprint of one’s ego. The repetitiveness, the sense of suffering, an image of oneself always at the center of experience, and so on… all these things are gone.

Experience is pure, direct, unfiltered. One result is that the mental component of experience is severely diminished. Another is that experience is new. The qualities of being are present, and so on. But the aspect of feeling that I would like to focus on primarily tonight is that sensation is greatly increased.

The greater the realization of the absolute is integrated into living the greater the degree of sensation. Physical feeling is dramatically increased.

This works wonders for sex and will prepare us for next weeks Sensuality Research Pool and Demonstration of Extended Orgasm.

Part of what is happening is that you switch into a mode of perceiving your experience instead of conceiving about your experience. Perceiving experience unwinds it, clarifies it, and so on… Consciousness “works” on it.

Perceiving your experience is the practice of corework. Access and understanding are there.

While perceiving your experience, sometimes you perceive part of your blueprint, but you understand this. In fact, this is almost always the case. But because you are perceiving it realness is there, clarity is there, even understanding blossoms there. Since you are perceiving, you are still experiencing truth.

Sometimes and eventually you experience more and more direct reality minus mental filtration. But this is not the goal.

The goal is now simply perceiving things as they are.

Alicia Davon