Corework as experiential inquiry


Corework is experiential inquiry. Either on a topic or into what you are experiencing currently. Even if a topic is chosen, the focus of corework is still your immediate experience.

Corework unwinds, unblocks and frees up experience by feeling through the layers of experience. From the trigger all the way to happiness and real freedom. This is a spiritual process and goes far beyond simply resolving the issue.

The practice involves feeling into bodily experience, emotional experience and mental experience without thinking about it. This way the underlying material, held in the unconscious, can surface. Body focus and breath focus can be powerful anchors that help one sink into deeper experience without getting lost in thought.

The typical pattern is: trigger –> issue –> emptiness –> related aspect of being

Almost all the time, almost every human being is triggered by something. Usually we only pay attention to the big ones. But anytime you can feel into your experience and detect some circumstance that is triggering an upset, however large or small. For example, a lingering feeling of resentment based on a comment someone made to you.

Under the trigger is an issue, part of the person’s blueprint that is painful. The trigger has power because of the issue. What is key in Corework is to leave the trigger behind and feel into the issue. This in itself is relieving because you are no longer triggered and you feel you are working on something real, though normally hidden. For example, an underlying issue of being treated unfairly by others.

By inquiring experientially, rather than mentally, into the emotions and their meanings, the issue will begin to dissolve. The issue and it’s related meanings are seen and felt through. They are first experienced as painful but ultimately as unreal. One’s sense of identity, especially around that issue, will also tend to dissolve. For example, the issue of unfairness and the victim identity dissolve.

This usually leaves one feeling empty, sometimes experienced with strong feelings of vacancy or aloneness. This emptiness is the base of the blueprint or ego. It is the human being as mind or blueprint (rather than being). Normally this empty shell or identity as mind is not felt because we are upset and distracted. It is like who you thought you were died and nothing is left. For example, if one is not a victim one feels like no one or nothing.

If you continue the Corework and feel through this empty shell of ego then a sense of being will arise. It will be the expression of being that was blocked by the issue or an expression of being that supports dealing with the issue. Anything from joy to inner strength to a sense of clarity, and so on. Not only is trigger relieved or resolved and the underlying issue unwound to whatever degree, but one is returned to oneself in the deepest sense. For example, a deep sense of compassion for oneself and others arises associated with a sense of oneself as being and presence.

Alicia Davon