From suffering to enlightenment

To move from suffering to enlightenment one must release or dissolve the various fixations of the ego structure.This leaves you in touch with your Self rather than your thoughts. The endless preoccupying thoughts are over!

What is a fixation? What is the way to dissolve a fixation? A fixation is a point of view, a perspective, a worldview from a particular position. Understanding your fixations and feeling through them dissolves them. One’s viewpoints about oneself, others, life, and even that one is separate from others, are examples of fixed 

viewpoints. If one simply investigates any fixation as to whether it is true, one finds that it could not possibly be true because it is simply a perspective from a particular vantage point.

Although this is fairly straightforward, the process has the potential to be almost unlimitedly intense and emotional.  This is because as fixations move through consciousness for examination and release they are fully experienced and felt.  Some of those fixations, viewpoints, memories, etc. can be quite painful.

Willingness to feel and a clear understanding are the two most useful tools at one’s immediate disposal to realize the journey from suffering to enlightenment.  The process can happen at any speed, and paradoxically, is usually gradual and immediate at the same time.  This is due to the fact that understanding provides an immediate release, and yet, things take time to feel through and unwind.

Alicia Davon