Your relationship personality type?

We had an amazing live event last Wednesday where 50 people discovered their relationship personality type and it’s assets and liabilities.  It was a blast!

What’s yours?

Basically there are 3 or 5 types depending on how you slice it up.  This is based on nearly twenty years of giving relationship advice and supporting people in their love lives and I can tell you, although we are all unique, there are definitely general orientations that people fall into. These orientations depend on your preferred ways of responding to pain and difficulty when dealing with relationship problems.  As you know, we each have a relationship blueprint, a set of information we use to navigate relationships buried deep in our unconscious.  That blueprint instructs us to deal the pains of intimacy by avoiding them, challenging the other or surrendering.  These are the three basic types: the Avoider, the Softy and the Meany.

There are two other types which are really versions of the prior types but they show up often enough that we consider them types of their own.  One is the troublemaker, basically a Meany who is also an avoider.  It’s the rebel or black sheep type, on their own stirring things up.  And lastly, the Clueless, who comes in two varieties: the naïve and the arrogant.  Both don’t know much about relationship (i.e. they’re clueless, but the arrogant type thinks they know a ton.)

From these brief descriptions you probably have a sense for your primary type.  We all use all three (or 5 if you like) types, so having a combination is OK, but make sure you know your primary type.  It’s really helpful in relationship to know it.

Then you can correct course!  Meanys should be nice!  Avoiders do well to show up; Softys benefit by asserting themselves; Troublemakers do well supporting something or someone; and the Clueless should learn!

Alicia Davon