Your relationship future

Now let’s look at your relationship future.  What is the quality of your future when you look at it?

You can immediately sense if your future is given by your blueprint, i.e. that it is predictable.  Or perhaps your future blossoms from your being present now. In this case the future you imagine is more open, more organic.

If you are present your future has a quality of or softness and openness, if you are not present it has a repetitious dull and dark quality.

Where you are now, or how you are now, determines your “now future”. This is where the future is created or lived from.  The present gives the future.

Your mind is always mapping out the future.  That is the activity of mind. If you are in your blueprint/playbook now, in the presnt, you are going to map out what is in that blueprint.  And that is what your future will look like.

If you are present then the map becomes very different and very secondary… and the future is bright.

Alicia Davon