What women and men each fear most

Women fear being unattractive more than anything.

Men’s greatest fear is failure.

Men have their sense of self worth invested heavily in their success.  That success could be financial, sexual, spiritual or any other area of life.  Men view things in terms of success.  It’s like a filter through which they perceive life.

A woman’s sense of self-esteem is far more dependent on her attractiveness.  Women experience life far more relationally.  Their ability to attract the kind of relationships, especially romantic, that they want is crucial to their sense of self worth. Nowadays, these aren’t politically correct things to say.  We could also debate why this is so.  Is it biological, cultural or some other reason… or some combination?  Regardless of why or whether it is O.K. to say in today’s cultural climate, after almost two decades of supporting men and women in having exceptionally intimate and turned on relationships, I have found these to be the greatest fears that each sex has.

If you think about it, these are very useful things to know about when relating to the opposite sex… whether it is your first date, your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or the person serving you your coffee in the morning.  Knowing someone’s greatest fear can give you a lot of insight into how to make them feel good and like you more.

Alicia makes me feel like a winner and I make sure she knows how beautiful and attractive she is.  It’s one of the secrets to the success of our marriage.

Alicia Davon