What a woman wants


Mostly attention.   Doesn’t matter whether it is Lady Gaga or your mom.

Lack of attention toward a woman is a relationship killer straight off, and the source of many relationship problems.  Even for people who stay “in relationship,” if there isn’t the attention on what she wants, there isn’t much of a relationship.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new relationship, the couple is married, or you’re just dating.

Of course, the list goes on.  But if that first one is present the rest tend to follow: love, approval, great sex, baubles…

Sometimes people hear me talk about this at a Live Event or at The Pleasure Course and assume that I mean some kind of subservient catering from the guy.  That’s the last thing women want.  Women like to be “at effect” (as opposed to “cause”) so they like guys that are willing to be strong, to be “cause”.

They would just prefer it if his attention was on her, feeling and understanding what she wants.

This was a recurring theme in the December 3rd Pleasure Course, which we’ll be completing at the December 8th Live Event: How long are you going to wait for the romance you have always wanted!”

Alicia Davon