The best thing you can do for all parts of your life

The mass of concepts, beliefs and patterns through which people experience their lives (relationship, work, oneself… everything) dominates experience most of the time.

When we start to see that mass of concepts, beliefs and patterns for what it really is, which is just active thoughts and unconscious thoughts, we begin to separate from it.  This can happen quickly or slowly and brings a tremendous sense of freedom, joy and peace. It is the key to personal growth.

This is a very difficult process for people, not because it is that complex to do, but rather because it is very confronting.  It is both painful and humbling to feel through the mind you have built up over time.  That is the process of Corework or meditation.

We say we would like to let it go but doing it is another matter.  That old mind carries a great deal of pain for each person.  And the notion of letting go of how you have known yourself to be is itself inherently challenging and feels unsafe.

The self you used to be doesn’t gain anything from it… but you do.

Alicia Davon