How to Sensualize Your Lifestyle

What can you do to sensualize your lifestyle? This is a question Alicia and I are always asking ourselves. We are always addressing our lifestyle.

Usually people have their attention on ‘what they have’ rather than ‘how they are living’.  It is a lot easier to put attention on “what” rather than “how”.  For example, most people can give you a pretty good description of what they regularly eat but are stumped if you ask them how they eat.  How you eat (relaxed, in a nice environment, etc.) is actually just as important as what you eat.

We just got back from Mexico!  How we like to vacation is relaxed with lot’s of free time for extended orgasm D.O. dates, and that is just what we did.  Sometimes people come back from vacation more exhausted than they left because they had to see every ‘what’ they possibly could.

Sensualizing your lifestyle is paying attention to how you are living and making sure you are living pleasurably.  Sensual living is gratifying and enjoyable now.  It can look any number of ways.  You can have a partner or not.   Here are a few of our favorites: 

1.    Have a D.O. date every day, with a partner or with yourself. 

2.    Do that in the morning vs. pushing sex to end of the day when you are tired. 

3.    Take relaxed vacations (vs. tourism) at least monthly, even if they are short and you don’t travel far. 

4.    Cultivate friendships and community that forwards your sex life. 

5.    Don’t miss opportunities!  Pleasureable opportunities abound… if you have an eye for them.

How about you?  What could you do to make your lifestyle more enjoyable and sensual?

Alicia Davon