How to know if you are in the right relationship?

We often wonder if we are in the “right” relationship.  Well… You are in the right relationship!… however it is, even if you don’t have one.  It is such a relief to know that.  Maybe things are exactly how they should be and maybe nothing is wrong.

If you don’t like the relationship, then you can leave graciously, but that doesn’t mean anything is or was ever wrong with it.  At the same time very deep emotions about love, finding love, marriage and so on, surface when we accept our relationship life how it is and how it feels.  Now, you may leave your relationship at some point or you may not, but either way there does not need to be anything wrong with your relationship. 

Whether you are on the first date, married, divorced, looking to date, or whatever, the best relationship advice I could give you is… enjoy it!

Alicia Davon