How to have an Eternal Date

An Eternal Date is a romantic relationship that keeps reaching higher peaks in love and sex. Sometimes we call it a “Peaking” relationship. Here are 10 keys to having an enternal date. If you are looking to start a new relationship, you can practice many of these and they will attract a soulmate.


  1. Have lots of vacations
  2. Be so honest they can’t help but love you
  3. Take care of each other emotionally
  4. Research and study sex enthusiastically
  5. Take your partner on dates
  6. Flirt unabashedly
  7. Make lots of time available
  8. Develop a rich spiritual life
  9. Get to know you and your partner’s romantic conditioning
  10. Realize it’s a lot more important than most of the rest of the stuff you’re doing!
Alicia Davon