How to gratify a woman

Last week we focused on a woman’s appetite. Now, what does it take to gratify that appetite. A good starting place is with the question “what does she want?”

Vic Baranco, the famous sensuality researcher, used to say women want sex, food and baubles, in that order. What he meant was that relationship (including sex) is the foremost desire of women and necessities are second and extras are third.  This is tremendously useful for men in realizing what women want and for women in having their desires as right.

Women also want a lot, but may order short, for safety reasons. In other words, hedge her bet.

The key to gratifying a woman is realizing what she wants, that she wants a lot, and giving her everything that she wants… or perhaps barely less in order to gratify her appetite but not satisfy her appetite.  It’s like leaving the dinner table before your stuffed; you’re looking forward to the next meal, yet you are gratified.

Alicia Davon