How to be more attractive

What is the most powerful and immediate way to be more attractive?

This was a theme that came up in the Pleasure Course and something that people have been interested in forever.  A million different approaches have been tried and they usually revolve around addressing one’s appearance, level of wealth and sometimes one’s way of being (more confident, for example).  While all of these can be helpful and we often recommend them, they are NOT the most powerful and most immediate way to be more attractive.

The most powerful and immediate way to be more attractive is to be turned on to your self.  This covers everything from liking yourself, who you are, to being turned on by your body.

Being turned on by your body is the most important part.  If you don’t like your body and approve of it why should someone else…. And they won’t in most cases or at least not for long.

It makes sense to people that if you don’t like yourself, then you send the message out that you aren’t that likeable and people respond to that.

Well the same is true of being attracted to your body.  If you don’t enjoy your body, that is the message you send.  In fact it is even more than that.  Because if you aren’t turned on by your body, then your hormones are not thriving, are not pumping and your aren’t physically attracting people, literally.

The visual inventory part of the Sensuality Exercises is a great place to get more turned on to your body.

In the Pleasure Course several people shared about looking at their bodies, not through their filter of concepts and standards but actually perceiving their bodies in the mirror as if for the first time.  Each time they approved of what they saw and you could feel them become more attractive.  Each time we asked the participants if the person was more attractive as they described what they saw and each time every said yes.

We would be billionaires if we could bottle that, but at least we can tell you how to do it:  Do the sensuality exercise of visual inventory, look at your body not through your concepts but rather at what is there and find new things that you like.

You will become more attractive to the degree that you do that!

P.S. this also trains you how to view someone else’s body!

Alicia Davon