Flirting with enlightenment

Flirting is worth bringing into long standing relationships as well as new relationships and the exciting process of meeting potential partners.  Why leave the romance behind, right?

Enlightenment… we could spend days discussing what that is.  Here’s a useful definition: knowing and feeling your inherent perfection and the perfection of all that is.  This doesn’t mean there aren’t pleasure and pain, good stuff and bad stuff, and so on.

Flirting with enlightenment can mean two things: 1) considering that perhaps everything is right the way it is… or 2) flirting with a sense of rightness about yourself and the other.

My point about enlightenment is maybe it’s time for you to just love yourself, others and life exactly as they are and exactly as they are not.  Of course, you still grow, things change, you learn and so on, but the endless waiting for things to be OK is over.  You can start having fun now!

My point about flirting is that if you are right with the way things are, really in agreement with them, you are a way better flirt.  Whether you are dating, falling in love, married or any other state of relationship, your love life simply works better.

There is something beyond endlessly trying to get there.  Why not start from good?  It is a pretty enlightened thing to do… especially romantically.

Alicia Davon