Flirting in all Stages of Relationship

I first started flirting, at least overtly, in junior high school.  And I, sort of, realized I wasn’t the one who started it!

Flirting is the give and take of sexual energy.   It is practiced overtly and covertly, but mostly covertly in a language that is like a code.  Like an energetic code.

When Alicia and I met and connected we had a tremendous energetic connection.  We were taking a seminar and doing exercises together in front of the group.  I can still remember and feel that moment.

Today, that energy is far greater and deeper even than it was at that moment… and it is really due to expanding that energetic connection, that give and take that flirting is.

Flirting is actually something quite deep, that typically gets overlooked as time goes on in a relationship.  It get’s trivialized ultimately because of fear.  Fear of intimacy.

Flirting isn’t only for new relationships or the first date. Flirting is very deep intimacy.

Alicia Davon