Effortless Change

We will further explore the challenges we confront when we attempt to change ourselves and discover the key to effortless change.

Imagine trying to change your internal reality and your external reality at the same time. By inner reality, I mean you’re head reality, how you felt, what you thought, and by external reality I mean your circumstances, your environment, the situation you’re in. Imagine trying to change both because somehow you knew that they were both false, or at least that your head reality was false, and that your external reality had been largely created or influenced by your head reality.

So it wasn’t so much just trying to change your thought about something, but rather your thought had actually manifested in your environment so that the change you now wanted to create was much steeper. A good analogy would be, imagine feeling totally isolated, totally alone, and very separate (internal reality), and then at the same time living in an abandoned part of town, off the suburb of some very small city, rarely speaking to anyone. 

The reason this is so much more difficult to change is not just because it’s twice as much to change, but once it’s gotten into your external environment, there is an enormous amount of evidence for the mind version, the isolated alone abandoned feeling, and it becomes much much harder to change the mind, and hence change the environment back.

The way to deal with this is to go right to the center of your inner reality, the center of all your thoughts, to your first thought that holds all the others together.  It is “I”.  If that thought is transcended then not only are all of the issues of him or her transcended, but the very person who had them is gone.  You are left.

If you want to transcend the “I” sense, then inevitably you are going to have to confront major self doubt. If you don’t go for transcending that “I” sense then you can numb yourself to the self doubt to a certain degree. But, if you do go for transcending the “I” sense, commonly called Realization or Personal Growth, then inevitably you will have to confront the self doubt associated with that “I” sense. You’ll have to confront that portion of the blueprint of your mind.  It really is the center of the blueprint.

Effortless change simply comes from moving through the center of the blueprint, which is the “I” sense.  If you realize you are not that, you will merge with everything, and all desired changes are accomplished effortlessly.  Things are just right.

Alicia Davon