Changing Reality

Manifesting specific results in your life.

Now that we have explored the spiritual side of change, let’s examine how to change specific things in your life like something about your job or your relationship.  Manifesting specific results in life is an incredible game to play… as long as you are not playing it as the end all and be all or the most important part of life.

Creating specific results in your life starts with envisioning or simply knowing what result you would like.  Setting your objective is crucial.  The more creative the objective the better, while balancing being realistic and what is possible.

Putting your heart into it is next.  You must examine is this something you really want to do or something you have to do or something you should do.  The first two are accomplishable but the third is not.  You must be motivated.  It must matter to you or you must be in a position where you have no other choice.  The first is better.

From here, you must organize your life and yourself in any number of ways such that you are engaged in fulfilling your goal in your personal growth, job, love life, anything.  You can get very creative here.  This is setting the path and environment that will lead to your change.

Alicia Davon