Can you remember being enlightened?

This is the state of childhood.

There is no conception of oneself in early childhood.  Eventually one does start to conceive “I am”.  An internal imaginary realm gets created with the concept of oneself at the center.  Gradually, that inner realm of concepts gains greater and greater traction in appearing to actually be Reality itself.  The inherent happiness of childhood ends.

Initially in childhood we are not separate from anything because there is no conceptualization happening.  We do not conceive ourselves as separate; hence we do not feel separate.  The underlying unity of everything is experienced directly.

We experience the bliss, infiniteness, unity, depth and love of reality.  Our baseline experience is quite extraordinary compared what later develops when we leave that childhood state.

The state of childhood is an experience of enlightenment and connection that we all have had. If you truly feel how profound and ecstatic it was in it’s earliest phases before conceptualization then it will serve you as an anchor and a guide in your personal growth, returning you to yourself.

Alicia Davon