Avoid the most damaging romantic mistake

The biggest mistake that people make in romantic relationship is bringing out the worst in their partner.  This applies to long standing relationships, the first date and everything in between.

Relationships have tricky and often complex dynamics.  Sometimes what we perceive in someone else is actually what we are creating over there in them!  Projecting our fears and concerns onto the other person is how this all get’s started.

Let’s look at an example.  Let’s say you are afraid that your partner will reject you or be mad at you about something, so you are defensive, maybe even hostile.  Then they are mad.  Maybe they don’t know what is going on, but they feel put off, so they are distant and in a sense reject you.

This is the biggest relationship mistake that people make: they act in ways with their partners that bring out the worst in the other person.  Disapproving of your partner is guaranteed to do this!

This creates a vicious circle.  What we feared has become the case.  Seldom do we realize our part in creating it.

Avoid the most damaging relationship mistake.  Always give your partner the benefit of the doubt!

Alicia Davon