5 keys to getting into a relationship

Date, date, date, date and date!  The world of dating is where relationships are born.  And if you’re not out there dating then you are stacking the odds against yourself.

After almost 20 years of supporting people in creating great relationships, I can tell you the best place to meet a date is a party or social event where you know about half the people. This way you get introduced to people. 

Finding your soul mate may seem daunting, but starting by simply going to a party so you can get out there and date creates an easy first step that will get the process rolling. 

Not only does being out there on the court increase the odds of meeting someone, it is also where you learn… about relating.

We’re all familiar with the challenging emotions that arise in the pursuit of love.  These emotions are what sometimes keep us ‘off the court.’  But if you look at it like getting to a party today or this week, and then building on that, then it could actually be fun.  And everyone else is nervous too. Doesn’t it sound fun to go to a party?

Find out about parties your friends are throwing or going to.  Come to one of our parties.  Just get out there and date.

Alicia Davon