Touching Another's Heart

The human heart goes very deep into a spiritual dimension. There’s a reason that heart and center mean the same thing and if we go into our hearts very, very deeply, we can locate our center, we can locate ourselves very, very deeply. This article is about doing that with somebody else, which is necessary for a relationship, at least a heart-felt relationship, which is really one of the most beautiful parts of relating with another human being.

Between the human heart and the spiritual heart, the human heart is more individual. The human heart is more where we tend to feel our wounds. The human heart is the part of us that’s very tender and has been very impacted emotionally by our childhood or upbringing or culture. Our relationship blueprint is stamped into our human heart. If you actually feel your heart, your physical heart a little bit in the left of the chest center or even the energetic heart in the center of the chest, they’re very related. If you really feel your heart you’ll notice that there’s a lot of sensation there especially if we’re excited or anxious or in love or with our parents, really a variety of things.

The human heart is the part of us that gets stamped by our relationship blueprint. It gets really impacted. The tender part of us, the feeling part of us. The spiritual heart is more like an underlying depth, a depth of feeling, a depth of tenderness. It’s often referred to in different spiritual traditions as an entry way, a gateway into boundless dimensions of our true nature, the spiritual self. Dimensions that are very spiritual, very deep, and very profound. That is the part that science tries to study, but we have a hard time getting our hands on what is life. What is awareness? What is consciousness? I don’t think anybody has found the scientific answer to that. I’m not sure there is a scientific answer to that.

The spiritual heart is the depth of our heart. It’s something that is not stamped by our past, our history, our wounds, our conditioning, our relationship blueprint. You could say the heart chakra; yoga is popular nowadays and some of you might be familiar with that terminology, the heart chakra. If you feel into that energetic center, the spiritual heart, you arrive at more of a dimension than something personal. You arrive more at something interpersonal like a field of love, a field of divine love and light.

Contact with this field of love, the field that babies are basically born into, gives us a feeling of support and trust.I was walking out of a café this morning and there was a mother feeding her baby, and the baby was maybe eight months old. The baby and I made eye contact and I was looking at him and smiling and he reached out his little hand.

I didn’t know this baby at all. I gave him my finger and he squeezed it with his little hand and he looked at me. He was completely, totally, absolutely related to me. It brought me right into that space. There was no hindrance, there was no obstruction. That openness, that trust was completely there and I could feel his experience of being supported by life, by his mother, by me, by everything. It’s not that he was thinking about any of that, but he was in that space and there was no hindrance to the experience of relatedness. It was just awesome.

Alicia Davon