Sensuality Vs. Eroticism

A clash of Titans!  What are they, how do they exist on our lives, and who comes out on top?

Sensuality is based in the 5 senses, based in the body; it is bodily chemistry and feeling.  Eroticism is mental turn-on from a specific idea often based in transcending some taboo or other.  Dominant and submissive roles are the most popular expressions of erotic turn-on.

Bdsm In regards to our romantic lives we live in a primarily erotic culture (worldwide).  It is a culture marked by an extremely mental approach to life, even one’s love life.

Erotism is a good spice to add to one’s love life.  But… the minute it becomes the main course in one’s love life, as it is for most people, it causes a drop in turn-on.  You get diminishing returns.  You have to keep increasing the quantity and intensity of the erotic idea to get the same pleasurable result.  For example, the person in a submissive role must be increasingly that submissive to get turned on.

Eroticism taken too far leads to perversion.  Perversion is the ability to get turned-on only by a very narrow range of stimulus.  For example, women with red hair wearing black latex who remind someone of his first lover.

On the other hand, turn-on generated sensually increases the more you engage.   You get increasing returns (more and more pleasure).  For example, turn-on from feeling your hand on someone’s genitals increases the more you focus on what you are feeling in your hand, seeing with your eyes, and so on.

For a great sex life Sensuality should be the meal and Eroticism the spice.  If you fall in love with someone for primarily erotic reasons watch out because that turn on will wear out unless they become ever increasingly richer, more dominant, or whatever the “idea turn-on” is.

Basing your attraction to someone sensually will have you fall deeper and deeper in love with them over time.  You will become increasingly turned-on by them over time.  This is the secret to having an Eternal Date with someone.   Long standing relationships can be steered in this direction.  If you are single and dating, you may want to start your next relationship this way!

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