The 3 essentials of Extended 15-minute Orgasm

We’re taking a real turn here folks.  From contact and intimacy to extended orgasm.  We just completed the Sensuality Expansion Program and J & H were fantastic.  A theme of the program was the 3 essentials of Extended Orgasm.

Here they are in order:

Depositphotos_11899568_original Connection

Being connected, in good contact, with your partner is critical.  Feeling the same thing at the same time is the gold standard here.

Going high

Going high means increased sensitivity on subtler and subtler levels of experience.  One’s potential for pleasure expands dramatically. “Peaking” is critical for this.

Signs of Orgasm

Involuntary contractions, flushing, engorgement and so on.

If you bring these 3 primary aspects of extended orgasm into play in the order given of importance you can quickly develop your orgasm and lengthen it.  10 to 15-minute orgasm is the standard for what we call Expert level orgasm and what it takes to graduate the Sensuality Expansion Program.  Congratulations to J and H!

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