What a woman wants

Women want what they want. This is obviously true, but often missed. Sometimes a woman will even miss or not know what she, herself, wants. What is even more often the case is that she knows what she wants but somehow doesn’t feel right or safe in expressing it. Her appetite for what she wants, her desire, is withheld or concealed.

Beautiful thoughtful woman Feeling right about her appetite, at all levels, is the same as feeling right about herself.  This seems somehow selfish or at least extremely vulnerable, so she hides it.

As she realizes her appetite, first by getting into agreement with it then by gratifying it, her femininity is expressed fully and perfectly.

The result is infinitely greater pleasure for both sexes.

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5 Responses to “What a woman wants”

  1. freddie says:

    Great tips and Resource. I’ll bookmark this site.

  2. Masha says:

    As a woman what I want is always changing and being in touch with what I want in the moment and feeling good about it, is synonymous with feeling good and right about myself. I love how you put it Erwan.

  3. graduate says:

    My favorite part is that when she realizes and gratifies her appetite, it is expressed fully and perfectly. It really is incredibly beautiful when this happens!

  4. Seth says:

    This week I noticed that by paying attention to my girlfriend’s appetite, I opened the space for her to be in agreement with it and fully enjoy what she wanted. That was fun!

  5. graduate says:

    Feeling right about my appetite and about myself on all levels is the most vulnerable and exposing thing ever. I am SO grateful to be aware of this and really inquire into what it is that I want. I used to hide it so deeply that I really had no clue what I wanted and I’d fall into this people pleasing thing that did not fulfill my appetite at all. Now I know what I want, I know how to ask for it AND I can actually receive it fully which is huge as well. ; )