Your relationship future

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Now let’s look at your relationship future.  What is the quality of your future when you look at it?

You can immediately sense if your future is given by your blueprint, i.e. that it is predictable.  Or perhaps your future blossoms from your being present now. In this case the future you imagine is more open, more organic.

Couple looking at a house If you are present your future has a quality of or softness and openness, if you are not present it has a repetitious dull and dark quality.

Where you are now, or how you are now, determines your “now future”. This is where the future is created or lived from.  The present gives the future.

Your mind is always mapping out the future.  That is the activity of mind. If you are in your blueprint/playbook now, in the presnt, you are going to map out what is in that blueprint.  And that is what your future will look like.

If you are present then the map becomes very different and very secondary… and the future is bright.

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6 Responses to “Your relationship future”

  1. Alex says:

    This is great! For me, the future has always had a dark ominous feeling to it. It’s such a relief to realize that its just my consciousness clueing me in to what’s really dominating my experience: my dark and ominous blue print. It’s great how you talk about that how we feel about our future is like a smell test of whether I’m wearing my blueprint or not.

  2. graduate says:

    It’s really true that the mind is always future oriented, I never noticed that before. I loved seeing how I can just look at the projected future and know if I’m coming from being present or if I’m being run by something.

  3. Seth says:

    What I got out of reading this blog post is that it really matters where I’m creating my future from. If I’m creating it from the past, I can expect more of the same in the future. But, if I’m creating it from the present moment, I won’t know what to expect because it’s never happened before. I see that even if I don’t know what to expect, I can trust the wisdom that comes with being present.

  4. Josh says:

    Wow, that’s powerful. Totally explains why–in the conversation I’ve been having with my girlfriend about the future–the feeling has been weaving back and forth between the image a fun, bright, optimistic adventure on the one hand, and the projection of a dark, twisted, painful struggle on the other. I’d been trying to analyze and think my way from the dark future into the light. (Wasn’t working / counterproductive even.) Your insight gives something concrete (and more fun-sounding) to do about this: to direct my attention back to now, and be present with my woman in the conversation. Feels way more exciting.

  5. Kelsey says:

    I love this topic!

    BE PRESENT NOW. That’s what I got from this discussion. One of the tendencies I have is to be upset if a situation doesn’t go the way I expected it to, or if things don’t happen the way I think they should. It’s a big part of my blueprint to think that way!

    What I see is that if I am not present now and I’m attached to my thoughts of how the present moment should look, my future will be directly affected by those thoughts and of course I will end up feeling upset! If I am present now, and totally being with what is, then I do not end up being upset about what is! Whatever is happening, is just happening, and when I am present now, I am not paying any attention to my thoughts of what “should be”. In that open space, my future is definitely bright!

  6. Diane says:

    This makes total sense. It seems so simple but I think I need to constantly remind myself of this…until it comes a little more naturally.