Your Sensual Expansion

Your sensual potential is unlimited.


This is a section of the final write up from Aaron’s Sensuality Expansion Program.  “DOing” is the technique of creating a 15-minute orgasm (or longer) in a woman’s body.  I think these selected paragraphs will be useful and fun in your journey of sensual expansion.  Enjoy: 


Sensuality expansion program “Our first DO date exposed just the areas that we needed help with. Perfect! Erwan and Alicia were so loving they modeled the love and curiosity that is the cornerstone of enlightened living and sexing. My coaching from Erwan was “Be raw and DO her.” He further described this as being right where she is going as soon as she gets there, like leading her where she is already going. Graduating the Sensuality Expansion Program is going to require that I lead by paying attention, be raw, and cultivate the single minded focus needed to actually see the subtlety of a woman.”


This is a section of the final write up from Kelsey’s Sensuality Expansion Program


“New themes for each of us came up as the structure of DOing began to shed light on how each of our egos show up in moments of intimacy. For Aaron it was “leaning into the intensity of subtlety” and for me it was “Womaning Up!” Erwan pointed out to us that there was a point near the middle of our dates where we were having trouble maintaining our connection and that he was still having to get us over that hump. This is exactly what was happening when we were DOing on our own, and without their coaching, we were getting into arguments in the middle of dates.
What I got out of the Sensuality Expansion Program is a deep sensual connection to myself and to Aaron, as well as the knowledge and skills to access that depth of connection anytime—and I now understand how that access is the key to our relationship growing more and more pleasurable over time!”


Find their full writeups, and those of other graduates, here!

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