The Being of 15-minute Orgasm

The essential element is to stay present.  If you are present extraordinary experiences unfold.

I was thinking of calling this entry “15-minute Orgasm – Not blowing out”.

couple in love In the Sensuality Expansion Program we just led, we worked with the DOer repeatedly on expanding his ability to stay present during the high peaks of female orgasm.

To stay present do these things

1. Focus on the contact point

a. Doers on your finger on her clitoris

b. Cummers on your clitoris at the point of contact

2. Feel and express your sensation both ways

With her (in the Sensuality Expansion Program) we worked, not so much on staying present for high peaks, but staying continually present v.s. “on and off”.

The being of 15-minute orgasm is simply being present.

Intimacy is what arises at a much higher level than what we are used to.  This intimacy is usually resisted quite strongly and subtly.  One is likely to not even know one is resisting intimacy or not being present.

So it requires more of a heart willingness than an understanding.  The Being of 15-minute orgasm is Openness… openness to all things, intimacy being the most challenging.

The intimacy is physical so it can be much more pleasurable but also much more deep.

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One Response to “The Being of 15-minute Orgasm”

  1. graduate says:

    This is definitely true! There is no technique or trick. Being present really is the skill to develop!